Harold Ford Jr., Dem Congressman Turned Banker, Punts When Asked About Occupy Movement (VIDEO)

WATCH: Dem Congressman Turned Banker Punts On Occupy Movement

The Huffington Post paid another visit on Wednesday morning to the Loews Regency in New York as part of its ongoing series of chats with influential figures who dine at the establishment's famed "power breakfast." While outside the hotel, we caught up with former Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tenn.), who currently works for banking giant Morgan Stanley. Ford spoke with us about the presidential race, the energy debate and Occupy Wall Street.

When asked if he had any thoughts to share about the banking sector and its relation to the Occupy movement, Ford effectively punted, saying, "I don't." He continued, "I mean I go to work every day, I go to church every Sunday, I pay my taxes, and I try to do right."

According to a Morgan Stanley press release, Ford was hired by the firm in February 2011 as a managing director and senior client relationship manager. He previously worked as a vice chairman and senior policy adviser at Merrill Lynch, which was subsequently bought by Bank of America.

We also pressed Ford about a recently penned Wall Street Journal op-ed in which he encouraged President Barack Obama to "reconsider his Keystone pipeline decision" and to "work with our leading energy companies instead of fighting them."

Watch video of the interview above, including his answer about energy policy.

Hunter Stuart produced this video.

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