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Harper Beckham Wears Chloe Tights With Mom, Victoria (PHOTOS)

We now bring you your Daily Dose of Cuteness in the form of Harper Beckham -- or more specifically, Harper's cute little legs.

The cutest celeb baby (fighting words, we know -- and the competition's fierce) is out and about again with her stylish mummy, this time at LAX in Los Angeles.

Ever the fashion plate, Victoria loves to hold Harper sans a Baby Bjorn-esque carrier, which both saves Posh the embarrassment of wearing such an ugly nylon appendage and allows the world to see Harper's adorable outfits.

This weekend Harper was dressed in her cute signature style: short-sleeve print dress, tights and hair accessory (this time it was a bow). But many took note of her particularly luxe label: the ankles of her tights bear the imprint "Chloe," a.k.a. the expensive French fashion label.

Sold online, the Chloe tights ring at 31.90 pounds, or around $50. It's not exactly couture pricing, but certainly more expensive than our mommies spent on us.

But while many will decry the absurdity of design duds for tots, we're sort of OK with it. It's Posh's choice, after all, to spend her well-earned cash on pricey toddler tights... that will probably get dirty in 0.2 seconds.

See Harper and Victoria's doubly chic look below.