Harper Beckham Has A Look-Alike Who's Just As Adorable As She Is

Meet Sienna Maunsell.

Harper Beckham is one of cutest celebrity kids out there, and as it turns out, she's got a look-alike who's just as adorable. 

Meet Sienna Maunsell, a 3-year-old from Manchester who bears a striking resemblance to the only daughter of Victoria and David Beckham. According to the Daily Mail, plenty of strangers pointed out Maunsell's similarities to Harper, which resulted in the toddler signing a contract with a look-alike agency. 

The young model has Harper's style down pat. Just take a look for yourself: 

And for comparison, here are a few photos of Harper: 

The little girls really do look a lot alike, so much so that Maunsell confuses photos of Harper to be photos of herself. 

Her mother Jennifer told the Daily Mail, "It all started last year when one of my mum’s friends said she looked exactly like Harper, so I Googled Harper Beckham and I couldn’t believe how similar they looked." 

"I emailed the agency to ask if they would be interested in signing her up and they said yes," she continued.“She really has looked like her since she was born, and her 1-year-old sister is starting to look just like Harper Beckham too.”

And Maunsell isn't the only tot who looks like Harper. According to the Manchester Evening News, the agency that signed her (MIM) already has eight other doubles on their roster. And just last year, the Daily Mail wrote about another look-alike youngster who was so in demand she'd earned over 2,000 British pounds

Who knew the celebrity child-doppelgänger business was so big?

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