Harper's Magazine Reports Fake Story About Canadian Student's 'Visual Allergies' As Real

Harper's Magazine Makes Hilarious Blunder

Harper's magazine made a bit of an error when it reported a joke story about a Canadian student's "visual allergies" as real.

The magazine's February issue reported on Emily Stuart, a Canadian student who "sued her university for failing to accommodate her allergies to cactuses, escalators, tall people, and mauve."

The story was originally from "This is That," a satirical program on CBC Radio. The show profiled Stuart, who was reportedly allergic to seeing "white socks, black shoes, babies, anything with a zipper, those signs leading to different classrooms … every day for me is a battle."

The National Post reported on Harper's response to the CBC upon realizing its mistake on Monday. The magazine tweeted:

When CBC reporter Kady O'Malley wondered whether "This is That" had a hand in the mess, Harper's joked:

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