Harrison Ford And Ryan Gosling 'Blade Runner' Interview Goes Off The Rails

No one can keep it together.

Ryan Gosling had so much fun cracking up during his “SNL” sketches, that the dude has decided to keep it going.

Actually, no one can keep it together in a new “Blade Runner 2049” interview with Gosling and Harrison Ford from British television program “This Morning.” However, the real star of the video is interviewer Alison Hammond and her infectious laughter.

After Hammond reveals she never saw the first “Blade Runner” and starts cracking up, no one recovers. You can try to stifle your laughter while watching, but you probably can’t. Just accept it.

The whole interview is ridiculous. Ford is not known for being a chortler. He just doesn’t chortle. But here, the actor can’t keep his composure.

Gosling is even worse and starts sipping on booze pretty quickly. Cheers to you, Ryan.



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