Harrison Ford Gives New Hope Han Solo Could Return In 'Star Wars'

Our interest awakens.

Unless you've been living in a galaxy far, far away, you've probably heard the twist in the new "Star Wars" movie.

(Warning! Spoilers if you haven't!)

After confronting his son Kylo Ren/Ben while at Starkiller Base in "The Force Awakens," Han Solo takes a lightsaber through the body and apparently falls and dies. (Everyone in theaters proceeded to freak out.)

It seemed like after nearly 40 years, that might be it for Solo ... until now.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Harrison Ford on Monday if he knew if Han could be coming back to "Star Wars," Ford just mimed locking his mouth shut and throwing away the key. 

OK, what?

If Solo is really dead, why doesn't Ford just say that? Could Han be coming back as some sort of vision or flashback in future movies? Also, why weren't there child safety bars on that bridge on Starkiller Base? That just seems like poor planning,

LEGO recreation:

There have been questionable casting calls floating around that seem to reveal Han Solo returns. Are they legit? We'll probably have to wait until "Episode VIII" to know for sure ... unless someone finds that invisible key Ford threw away or something.



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