Harrison Ford Names The Co-star He Thinks Has A 'Nice Penis'

The screen legend had some unexpected praise for another actor.

Screen icon Harrison Ford told Stephen Colbert he had two words to describe new co-star Jason Segel.

“Nice penis,” he said.

Ford and Segel star in the Apple TV+ series “Shrinking,” and a recent headline claimed Ford didn’t know who Segal was prior to joining the show.

“Not true,” he told Colbert.

Ford said he watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” where Segel has a full-frontal scene. When a “Shrinking” producer asked Ford what he thought of Segel, he offered up that unforgettable two-word reply.

Check it out below:

See more of his appearance on “The Late Show,” where he talked about the upcoming Indiana Jones movie and working with Helen Mirren on “1923” in the clips below:

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