Harrison Ford Helps Rescue Woman After She Crashes Off The Highway

Our hero again. Sigh.

Harrison Ford was involved in a crash of a transportation vehicle ― again! But this time it wasn’t a plane, and he was apparently just a witness to the accident.

When a woman lost control of her car and plunged down a highway embankment on Sunday in Santa Paula, California, the iconic actor pulled his car over and aided in the rescue effort.

Ford and other drivers on California State Route 126 helped the woman exit her vehicle before the police and paramedics arrived. The woman was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries, TMZ reports.

Back in September, the actor was recorded directing traffic after a pileup in New York’s Midtown Tunnel.

Ford, a trained pilot, has a history of close calls and crashes in aircraft, but maybe ground-based vehicle rescue is his new calling.

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