Harrison Goldberg, Colorado Man Arrested In Nebraska With 36 Pounds Of Marijuana Laced Candy

Nebraska authorities say they've arrested a Colorado man found with 36 pounds of marijuana-laced candy in the trunk of his car.

Harrison Goldberg, 24, of Breckenridge, Colo. was pulled over by a Nebraska State Patrol Trooper for driving his Mercedes E320 on the shoulder of the road Monday in Kearney. Goldberg was originally only issued a warning for the violation, but arose suspicions when he wouldn't give consent to search the car.

A search dog taken to the scene detected the drugs in the back of the car, where authorities found the edible marijuana haul packaged as chocolate bars and candy in a box allegedly labeled "mari-juana." The 36 pounds of candy had been made with ground-up marijuana.

According to the Kearney Hub, one pound of hashish was also seized from the vehicle's console.

Goldberg was taken to the Buffalo County Jail and charged with felony distribution of marijuana and felony possession of hashish. He posted bond and was released Tuesday.