Harry Bruder Jailed For Facebook 'Friend' Request To Estranged Wife

Facebook photos, posts, and even "pokes" have all got people in trouble with the law. The case of a Florida man, Harry Bruder, 54, suggests you may want to watch who you "friend" as well.

Bruder was arrested and jailed for violating a domestic order by sending his estranged wife Carole a Facebook "friend" request. According to a police report, Carole, separated from Bruder for around two years, had obtained a domestic violence injunction against Bruder.

The Smoking Gun writes:

"Yeah, I did it," Bruder said when confronted by cops. He remarked that the friend requests were "stupid" and knew that he should not have sent them. Bruder, who also copped to changing the password to his wife's Yahoo e-mail account, said that he was upset that he had to attend court-ordered counseling sessions as a result of the injunction (which bars him from any contact with his wife).

Carole told police that she noticed "some files had been removed from her Yahoo account" and that email had been "accessed and replied to with a sentence that state, 'you know iam married you ass.'"

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