Harry Connick, Jr. Tells Grads: It's Exciting If You Don't Have Your Career Planned

Uncertainty can be a benefit.

If a college graduate has no idea what they're going to do with their careers, Harry Connick, Jr. thinks that's an exciting prospect.

The actor and musician spoke at Loyola University New Orleans' commencement on May 21. Connick joked that Loyola made a mistake picking a college dropout to speak at commencement, having studied briefly at Loyola, and then in New York at Hunter College and the Manhattan School of Music. (His father, uncle and other family members are also alumni, Loyola says.)

But during his speech, Connick asked graduates to raise their hand if they knew exactly what they're going to be doing ten years from now.

"Many of you probably came to Loyola thinking you'd be perfectly clear on that by the time you graduated," Connick said. "I actually think it's great that some of you are still undecided. I think it's exciting. Some of the best careers I know are people that change direction multiple times in their lives."

Speaking at a Jesuit university, he also riffed off a line from the Bible: "Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."

"Now as a piano player that is pretty tough," Connick said. "But in the sense of getting the most out of your life we need to show that we are spiritually and morally ambidextrous. The two hands must be able to work independently. Your right hand can reach out for success, while your left reaches to help those in need; the right hand grasps personal achievement, while the left grasps the concept of magnanimity or generosity; right hand can hold on to your hopes and dreams, the left holds you accountable for all of your actions to others."

Watch a highlight video of Harry Connick, Jr.'s remarks above.