Harry Hamlin: 'Mad Men' Actor Thought He Would End Up Playing A Dad On ABC Family (VIDEO)

Now that he's working with Don Draper day in and day out on "Mad Men," Harry Hamlin has risen back to the top of the TV world.

Hamlin took on the role of Jim Cutler on the AMC drama this season, a partner at SC & P with a fondness for getting in to trouble (drugs in the office, anyone?). But the "L.A. Law" alum says he never thought he would be on "Mad Men" in his wildest dreams.

"A year or so ago, I turned to Lisa [Rinna], my wife, and I said, 'You know, I think I'm going to go back to work now. I took a bunch of years off to raise my kids, and I think I'm ready to be a regular on a show again,''" Hamlin said in an interview with Gold Derby's Chris Beachum (above at the 23:30 mark). "'In my mind, I thought that meant being a dad on ABC family. To end up here? On 'Mad Men'? I mean, oh my God!"

But Hamlin was hesitant to take on the role at first, especially because series creator Matt Weiner told him nothing about what it entailed. Luckily, Rinna was around to set him straight.

"I said, 'Guess what? You're gonna take it. You do it. You're just gonna do it, because it's Matt Weiner,'" the "Days Of Our Lives" actress said on HuffPost Live in May. "And he listens to me, thank God. And how fabulous is he on 'Mad Men'? And just you wait."

"Mad Men" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m ET on AMC.

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