Harry Lennix In 'Man Of Steel': Superman Film Nabs 'Matrix' Actor As General Swanwick

Superman Film Adds ANOTHER Star

While Superman's true identity somehow always goes undiscovered (picture him with glasses, people!), director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan have at least guaranteed that everyone else in the film will be very recognizable.

The Henry Cavill-starring hero series reboot, "Man of Steel," has added another star, character actor Harry Lennix, according to Variety. He'll play Sgt. Stanwick -- a military role with which he should be familiar, as he has appeared in military shows "Dollhouse," and "24," as well as the film "State of Play" -- though not much more is known about his character.

He may or may not join up a military command run by now-former "SVU" star Christopher Meloni, who recently joined the film as a general. Presumably, if he does, they'll be battling a more powerful, Kryptonian militia man, Michael Shannon's General Zod. Then again, Meloni could be playing General Sam Lane, Lois Lane's father, who ends up teaming with Zod, though the age difference between himself and Amy Adams, who portrays Lois Lane, makes that unlikely.

On the non-agressor side, Julia Ormond will play Superman's Kryptonian birth mother Lara Lor-Van, while Russell Crowe takes on his Kryptonian dad, Jor-El. And for his earth parents, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane will portray Pa and Ma Kent.

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