'Harry Potter' Periodic Table Of Elements: The 117 Elements Known To Wizards

Muggles Have Nothing On This Magical Update Of a Chem-Class Classic

The periodic table, the bane of high school chemistry students everywhere, just got a bit of a magical update, thanks to an imaginative Harry Potter fan with a background in chemistry.

This new and improved table, which recently popped up on Reddit, lists the 117 elements known to wizards -- which, depending on how much of a Harry Potter fan you are, is either the coolest or nerdiest thing ever created.

Organized by categories such as "Ministry of Magic," "Death Eaters," "Potters" and "House of Hogwarts," each section has been meticulously Potter-ized with the names of characters from J.K. Rowling's hugely popular series.

Of course, Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev is generally credited with creating the modern table of elements as part of The Principles of Chemistry, published in 1869.

Mendeleev's table displayed the chemical elements organized by atomic numbers, electron configurations and chemical properties, and presented them in increasing atomic number in a block-like grid. As of 2010, the table lists the 117 elements known to man.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry in the "Harry Potter" film series, was not immune to the scholastic challenge presented by the table.

In an interview on the BBC's "Graham Norton Show" Radcliffe obliged the audience with a rendition of "The Elements," a song version of the periodic table written by musical humorist Tom Lehrer.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't the first of Harry Potter innovations.

Illustrator Laura Freeman has spent nine years creating a complete deck of Tarot Cards for each of the Harry Potter characters and showcasing them on her personal website. Not yet completed, Freeman estimates she will finally complete the entire set of 78 cards by 2014.

A fellow Redditor became a viral success in July with the unveiling of an image combining every chapter illustration from the series, provoking an outpouring of Potter nostalgia.

"I honestly didn't expect the feels I felt. That's a defining piece of my childhood right there. So many memories are tied up in those images. Thank you," wrote Reddit user thequesogrande.

Graphic created by Mika Aldaba

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