Harry Reid Says SOB On Senate Floor

Harry Reid made a joke on the Senate floor Thursday morning, using the word SOB as politely as possible.

The Senate Majority Leader said that as he came to the floor, he realized that he was missing a page from his notes, so he asked Mitch McConnell to speak first. The mixup reminded him of an old joke.

"The old political joke is this politician was giving this speech and he's flipping through his pages and getting extremely wound up in his speech and going through his speech and waving his hands and shouting," Reid said. "And he comes to the third or fourth page of his speech and it says, 'You're on your own, you SOB.' His speechwriter had had enough of him. So that's kind of how I felt this morning, but that isn't what happened here today."

Reid admitted he had left part of his speech in his office.