Harry Reid: Tea Party 'Will Disappear' (VIDEO)

In an exclusive interview set to air on NBC's "Meet the Press" this weekend, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicts that once the nation's economy improves, "the Tea Party will disappear."

The Nevada Democrat shared his take on the future of the conservative movement in response to a question touching on the tough fight he waged to defeat Tea Party-backed contender Sharron Angle in the 2010 midterm election season.

Here's an excerpt of the exchange:

DAVID GREGORY: Do she and others, as part of this Tea Party, represent a lasting force in American politics?

HARRY REID: The Tea Party was born because of the economy. The economy is probably the worst it's ever been except for maybe the Great Depression. The Tea Party will disappear as soon as the economy gets better. And the economy's getting better all the time.

According to a survey released by Public Policy Polling earlier this week, 68 percent of Republican voters in the Silver State say they wish a candidate other than Angle had emerged the GOP nominee to take on Reid.

WATCH: Harry Reid Predicts Tea Party 'Will Disappear'