23 GIFs That Will Make You Thankful Harry Styles Was Born Feb. 1

Happy birthday, Harry!

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles turns 23 on Wednesday. Naturally, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile the GIFs that best express everything we love about Harry.

Behold: 23 moments that will make you thankful Harry Styles was born 23 years ago on Feb. 1.

1. When his dancing was so bad, it was good.

2. When he had been The Most Interesting Man In The World all along.

3. When he fell victim to the pound-it fake-out.

4. When he had his eye on you.

5. When his cheeks were just so kissable.

6. When his astronaut uniform shot your heart into orbit.

7. When he made even a polo shirt and bow tie look good.

8. When he could shake it, shake it, like he’s supposed to do.

9. When he totally, definitely knew how to use this video camera.

10. When he was skeptical.

11. When he forgot how to walk like a human.

12. When he just wanted to watch the world burn.

13. When his hair was short.

14. When his hair was long.

15. When his hair was in a bun.

16. Basically, any time he had hair.

17. When his eyes saw straight into your soul.

18. When he forgot the top few buttons.

19. When he got a case of the giggles.

20. When he had a need for speed.

21. When he clearly never learned how to make a bed.

22. When he was all of us fishing. 

23. Happy birthday, Harry. Don’t ever change.