Harry Styles Tattoos: One Direction Singer Gets Inked, Again!

Fans may have noticed something different about Harry in One Direction's new music video "Live While We're Young," which famously shows the 18-year-old singer shirtless: new tattoos!

A photo recently surfaced of Harry showing off new ink on his upper left arm and ribcage, and Directioners on Twitter quickly scrambled to identify the images. So far, Harry's new tats seem to show a birdcage, comedy and tragedy masks, the letters "SMCL" (a possible Simon Cowell reference?), and his older sister Gemma's name in Hebrew, among others.

Scroll down to view images of Harry's tattoos.

Although Harry hasn't officially revealed when he added the tats, he was spotted visiting Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood earlier this month along with Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, and Jessica Szohr.

The birdcage tattoo was likely done before the others; it's visible in the "Live While We're Young" video. Eagle-eyed fans created gifs of the ink, featured below.

Harry has a slew of other tattoos, including a star, the letter A, and a clothes hanger. This summer, tattoo artist Kevin Paul said he had plans with Harry to do a half-sleeve. But last week, he tweeted, "Last time I spoke to Harry, he said he is going to hold off on the sleeve for now but will be getting new bits soon."

According to fans on Twitter, Harry may have as many as 17 tattoos now -- and he's only been able to legally get them for around 7 months! What do you think: is our favorite 1D bad boy a little too obsessed with body art, or do they look cool on him? Sound off in the comments below or tweet @huffpostteen.



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