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Harry Wu Steals the "Death By China" Show - A Tribute

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I had the great honor and privilege of interviewing Harry Wu for my film Death By China. It was a most difficult interview as the pain that Harry suffered over the years made it difficult for him to open up initially. However, as you will see in the three amazing clips in this accompanying video, this is a man of great passion and wisdom.

In the first clip - "Shame!" - you will see Harry take to task the many American corporations like Cisco and Yahoo that have helped an authoritarian China build its Great Firewall - and put innocent Chinese citizens into forced labor camps.

In the second clip, Harry gives us an insider's view of the Chinese Laogai prisoners who make our Christmas lights and stock the shelves at Wal-Mart with all the stuff we don't need or at least shouldn't be buying from China.

In the final brief clip, you will see Harry describe the "People's Republic of China" in a priceless fashion no one should miss.

In the focus groups that watched the film, Harry consistently stood out as the single most important and interesting person interviewed. He literally "stole the show" in every segment he was in.

So please be patient with these video clips as other people appear, but they are merely setting the table for Harry.

This video is well worth your time - and well worth your remembrance of an incredible giant of a man. May he rest in peace.


Peter Navarro, Director
Death By China

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