Harvard Constitutional Law Professor Unloads On ‘Flagrant Dickhead' Mitch McConnell

Laurence Tribe used a blistering tweet to accuse the Republican Senate majority leader of hypocrisy over his plans to fill any Supreme Court vacancy next year.

A Harvard constitutional law professor hit out at Mitch McConnell on Twitter after the GOP Senate majority leader revealed he would seek to fill any Supreme Court vacancy in 2020.

Laurence Tribe accused McConnell of hypocrisy in a concise yet blistering tweet that has gone viral.

McConnell infamously did not allow Merrick Garland, who was former President Barack Obama‘s Supreme Court nominee, a hearing in 2016 because he said it was too close to the presidential election.

“Hypocrisy is McTurtle’s middle name,” wrote Tribe. “And his first and last name too.”

“What a flagrant dickhead!” he added.

Tribe has become a vocal critic of Trump and earlier this year sought an injunction against the president’s national emergency to secure funds to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Earlier on Thursday, Tribe also mocked Trump for claiming the word “impeachment” is “dirty,” “filthy” and “disgusting.”

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