Harvard Marching Band Gets Cocky, Spells 'PENIS' On The Field

Looks like Penn got shafted.

Harvard's marching band may consist of talented musicians, but on Saturday, it was clear some of them had a different kind of instrument on their minds.

Twitter user @jacobadler posted a photo on during Harvard's Saturday game against University of Pennsylvania that shows the marching band spelling out a word, as is common at college football games in order to get audiences riled up.  

Though some Twitter users suspected the band was trying to form the word "PENN," Adler was not the only one to see the formation as a big "PENIS." 

Apparently the band members were learning something besides marching at band camp.

However, band manager Paul Meosky told the Boston Globe it was an unintentional snafu.

“We meant to spell ‘Pen ‘15’ with both a space and an apostrophe before the number,” Meosky told the paper.

As some media outlets have pointed out, "Pen '15" still looks a lot like "penis."

In any case, the slight didn't do much to thwart Penn's playing skills.

Penn still won the game 35-25, ending the Crimson's 22-game winning streak.

H/T: Mashable.

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