Harvard Students Giving A Yale Campus Tour Goes How You'd Expect It To

WATCH: Harvard Students Give A Yale Campus Tour

Some prospective Yale University students and their families got to hear all about the New Haven, Conn. school's a cappella groups, like the Whiffenpoops, Tickle-me-pinks, the Gothic Architones and the Pitches. We're pretty sure none of those exist.

That's because the tour guide, Sam Clark, is actually a Harvard University student with the group On Harvard Time, a student comedy show.

Clark was sure to mock Yale's architecture, their rankings, the football game against Harvard and the university's emergency systems.

"The blue lights show you where the most serious crime happens," Clark says. "They're all over campus, all over New Haven, really."

Watch to the end to see how Clark, as a Yale tour guide, connects with a prospective Yalie.

[h/t Time]

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