Newscaster Hilariously Mistakes What This Harvey Rescue Team Is Drinking

“I’m not sure that that was water … ”

This will lift your spirits.

While covering the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey this week, Fox 26 Houston caught a rescue boat in Spring, Texas, taking a load off by passing around a bottle.

The blue container in question looks an awful lot like a Skyy Vodka bottle, and the men are clearly taking shots of whatever liquid is in it.

At the time of the live broadcast, a female newscaster who was watching the footage didn’t seem to connect the dots, making for a delightfully funny moment.

“Look at them sharing water just out of the cap of that bottle,” she said, as the men poured and took shots. “It’s fantastic.”

“Yeah … yeah, I’m not sure that that was water,” a male newscaster replied, with someone else laughing in the background.

Hey, whatever the men were drinking in the video, which Fox 4 News in Dallas/Fort Worth says is not water, they probably earned it.



Hurricane Harvey Aerial Images