Harvey Keitel Shows How To Sell Health Insurance On 'The Daily Show' As Only He Can

Jason Jones tried to get to the bottom of healthcare's messaging problem on Tuesday's "Daily Show," and he came to one conclusion: Conservatives are full of crap, but are exceptionally good at peddling it. Liberals have better ideas, but have trouble expressing conviction in their ideas.

Enter the solution: A health insurance commercial starring Harvey Keitel, encouraging New Yorkers to sign up... or else. "We've got botulism, ebola, all three types of Hepatitis," he said. "And that's just on the 6 train. Log on and sign up, you assholes!"

Watch above for Keitel's commercial, as well as a priceless moment where Jones leads the anti-Obamacare spokesperson to admit that she doesn't want the government involved in a woman's nether regions -- except for the times she does, of course.



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