Has Google Opened up Another Digital Battlefront With the EU and Other Governments ?

Google facing record fines from the EU that could be Euro 3 Billion of a maximum 10% of global turnover Euro 6.6 Billion from alleged market dominance abuse.

The issue is essential over their operating system dominance and market size owning 90% of EU search for example. When we look at the Android mobile system it the largest market in the world, the market of global apps downloads is at least 270 Billion by next year and highly valuable.
Android mobile is by far the largest at 50% double the size of Apple iOS in terms of sales and Microsoft. The issue in the EU is how this has been used to prevent alternative apps being used on Android phones. This suggests the EU has found significant evidence has been found in the way Google has controlled the installation and access to android.

But it is also reported that the EU has found several other Google services are also under investigation further charges in other specialized web search markets such as travel information and maps. This is a huge blow as it hits at the heart of google core services: search, maps, and their apps. If it is shown that these have been manipulated by google to display bias towards their own products and services then it may not just be a large fine a stake here fir the future of Google.

A possible consideration of restricting the business practices in google by the EU through sanctions and possible reorganizational demands may be on the table. Clearly the alphabet reorganization and the attempts by google to show adverts and preferences on their searches have not been enough to persuade the EU commission that this has been unbiased.

It's also raised the question over how the EU and other governments may have to implement more policies and laws to control company online behavior. In the wake of the Apple-FBI privacy issue this is worrying as it can push more government intervention on tech companies when they are pushing back with more efforts to encrypt and respond to customer privacy and services. This opens another front in the case of market bias and more monitoring of online search and marketplaces.