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Has Instagram Fueled Our Love Of Selfies?

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These questions originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answers by Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships for Instagram, on Quora.

A: As I type this I'm a few seats away from Kylie Jenner at the Hugo Boss show. Basically I feel like people have always taken photos of themselves. When I was in college I had these Polaroid cameras my friends and I would have so much fun with. Today, we'd be taking those pictures on our phones. I think it's just part of culture today... Why not have fun with it?


A: Practice makes perfect! Remember, it's just clothing. So try a lot of shapes, colors, textures on. Think about what you like and then think about why--was it the shape? The hem length? And then repeat over and over until you find your signature style. And if you ever get sick of your signature style... change it! That's the beauty of fashion.


A: Well, Instagram is the perfect place to reach your audience because the playing field is leveled if you can create engaging/amazing/compelling content that people want to follow. Remember that there's more than just showing product. Show the woman who designed it. Write about your muses. Show them that extra-pretty flower stall you walked by this morning. Build a lifestyle around your brand and the audience will follow.


A: That's a question a lot of people are asking right now. I think that fashion has always been about change and evolution and right now it's just a bit accelerated. I do feel, on a personal level, I am shopping for more timeless things, like the perfect pair of jeans (just found a pair at COS that I love. Perfect amount of stretch) or black boots. And then accessorizing around that. So in a way, Instagram has made me think about the things that will be the canvas to changing highlights (like accessories). I don't even know if that answers your question but there you go.

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