Hasan Minhaj Has A Magical Response When Asked About His Hogwarts House

We didn't even know you could do that.

Merlin’s beard!

During a recent taping of “Patriot Act,” host Hasan Minhaj responded to a question about which Hogwarts house he’d be sorted into. And he provided the audience with a total “Harry Potter” plot twist in his response.

“If I wore the hat, the hat would put me in Hagrid’s house,” he said. “Like the sorting hat would be like, ‘You’re in Hagrid’s house. You live with Hagrid. You guys have bunk beds.’”

Um. While we weren’t aware that anyone could be sorted into Hagrid’s hut, we totally dig the option.

The host pointed out that Hufflepuff is pretty much “like the UC Santa Cruz of houses.” (Minhaj went to UC Davis.)

“You go surfing, I made up my own major,” he explained. “That’s like a Hufflepuff.”


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