Hasan Minhaj Parodies Wrangler Ad, Redefining The Rugged American

The comedian shared an old sketch from his group Goatface after artist Lil Nas X announced a collaboration with the denim manufacturer.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj has an idea of what demographic Wrangler can really tap into. 

Following the announcement of the collaboration between the jeans and clothing manufacturer and artist Lil Nas X, who’s behind the viral country rap hit “Old Town Road,” Minhaj shared an old sketch from his comedy group Goatface that parodied a Wrangler ad. 

And TBH the sturdy denim turbans featured in the sketch are pretty dope. 

“America’s a country built by hardworking folks ― people who aren’t afraid to get the job done. So why would you expect anything less from your turban?” a deep, stereotypically “western” voice says over the ad. “Our turbans are made right here in the US of A. Built to last. Just like you.” 

In the spoof, the comedy group does “rugged” things like chop wood, drink root beer and play football all while wearing denim turbans. Former NFL player Victor Cruz even joins the game, sporting a “Wrangler” turban of his own. 

As hilarious as the sketch is, it also shows that “American” shouldn’t just refer to a white dude waving the red, white and blue flag ― the definition is far broader.