Hasan Minhaj Reveals How His Parents Found Out He Was Doing Stand-Up Comedy

The "Patriot Act" host did a Q&A with the popular Facebook group "Subtle Curry Traits."

Hasan Minhaj went all in on his desi identity. 

The “Patriot Act” host answered questions on a popular Facebook group for young South Asians, “Subtle Curry Traits.” Minhaj hit topics including his favorite type of biryani (any with no black balls in it) and his favorite Bollywood banger (“Kabhi Kabhi”). But he also touched on how he came clean about doing stand-up comedy. 

The host explained that the best and worst thing about being desi is being able to “live at home as long as you’d like.” Problem is, Minhaj lived with his parents during college and often he’d tell them he was “going to the library” when he was going to comedy shows. 

During one “trip to the library,” Minhaj got into a car accident, and his father was forced to pick him up. 

″It’s a really far distance you went to go to the library,” he recalls his father remarking. “I told my dad, ’Dad, I didn’t go to the library. I’ve been doing stand-up comedy.” 

He said his father told him he “really was hoping you were just smoking weed.”

“It was the first time I knew my dad was 4/20 friendly. It was a really cool moment ― a really cool rad brown dad moment.”