Student Gives Classmates Hash Oil Brownies, Gets Charged With Child Endangerment

Student Charged With Child Endangerment After Giving Classmates Pot Brownies

Pot brownies are nothing new to the high school scene. Recently, an eighth-grader in Denver was caught bringing one into school, and high school students at band camp were caught handing them out to 23 classmates.

Now, a California student, Salvador Palacios, 18, is being charged with food poisoning and child endangerment for putting hash oil in another student's brownie. In the other recent cases, although the students were cited and punished, they were not charged nearly as severely. Palacios' bail is set at $75,000.

Up to five or six minors were sickened, according to police. One girl, who did not know the brownie was contaminated, had to be taken to the hospital. "When you ingest marijuana -- in this case hash oil -- a more concentrated amount of THC passes from the stomach into the bloodstream," Willows police Chief Bill Spears told the Willows Journal. "There is a greater risk of overdosing." Overdosing on marijuana, however, is quite challenging. In fact, it is practically impossible.

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