Hashable vs Mashable: Two Tech Sites You Should Know The Difference Between

If you follow technology through social media, you've probably heard of Mashable, a rapidly growing news blog that covers social tech. Last month, a new social network emerged, bearing a similar, Seuss-sounding name: Hashable.

Since you've got so many Twitters and Tumblrs, TechCrunches and PopCrunches, and Wordles and Squirtles (isn't that a Pokemon?) to keep track of in social media these days, I put together a handy infographic to help you square away the ones that rhyme with "Splashable."


Related social media sites I predict will be invented in 2011:

Splashable (analytics for measuring the impact of social media campaigns)
Smashable (social music hit maker)
Bashable (Gawker, but where anyone can make fun of anyone)
Clashable (social network for making challenges)
Trashable (share your computer's recycle bin files with friends!)
Flashable (NSWF)

Disclosure: Shane Snow has contributed as a writer for Mashable.


Shane Snow is a writer in New York City. He designs infographics about financing and loans for CreditLoan.com, as well as other blogs like Mint and Wix. He also recently cofounded Contently.com.