92-Year-Old Blazers Super Fan Finally Gets To Meet Damian Lillard

Awww! #MerleMetLillard

A Portland Trail Blazers fan by the name of Merle was in her late 40s when her soon-to-be beloved Blazers were founded in 1970. She was in her early 80s when Twitter was invented in 2006. And she was 92 when her dreams came true on Thursday night, when she met Portland point guard Damian Lillard just hours after a social media campaign made evident her devotion to the team.

It all began when Vital Life Foundation, a group that works to aid the senior community, posted a picture of Merle and said she was a lifelong fan attending her first Blazers game, ending the message with the hashtag #HelpMerleMeetLillard.

92 year old Merle is a life-long Blazer fan, but has never been able to go to a live game. Today her life long dream and...

Posted by Vital Life Foundation on Thursday, November 5, 2015

As the story spread across the Internet, more and more people heard Merle’s story.

I have a tiny favor to ask everyone! I'm accompanying this wonderful woman to her FIRST live Portland Trail Blazers game...

Posted by Melissa Kaylene on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Finally, the friendly staff at the Moda Center caught wind of the campaign to get Merle courtside.

And so it was: Merle met Lillard. 

Nice job by Lillard, the Blazers and all at the arena that made this happen -- and cheers to lifelong fans everywhere. This is what happens when you ignore the bandwagons and the fair weather, and support your team every game, every season and every decade.



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