Hasselbeck Tells Huckabee: Pelosi "Needs A Little Enhanced Interrogation" (VIDEO)

"The View's" Elizabeth Hasselbeck joked that Nancy Pelosi should undergo enhanced interrogation on Fox News' "Huckabee" this past Saturday.

It's certainly disappointing, I think to try to diminish or intelligence agencies... And you know whether she's lying or not - I don't know. Maybe she needs to a little enhanced interrogation to figure it out... I'm just throwing it out there!

The former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee got a kick out of Hasselbeck's suggestion.


Huckabee has been loudly criticizing Speaker Pelosi ever since controversy emerged over what she knew and about the CIA's interrogation methods. Over the weekend, his condemnations took a creative turn when he posted a poem on his personal website calling on Pelosi to resign.