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Hatchimals Hatched and Revealed, Is This The Hot Holiday Toy for 2016?

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Happy Hatchimals Day! What, you have no idea what Hatchimals Day is? Hmm, do you actually have a life and not just watch TV commercials all day? Interesting concept.

Hatchimals are a new and until now, very secretive toy from Spin Master. Hatchimals have won numerous awards, but until today, the general public had no idea what creature was inside that magical Hatchimals egg.

Last week we provided this preview of Hatchimals -

Now that it is October 7th, 2016, we can finally reveal what is inside the Hatchimals Egg. Please watch our video reveal of a Hatchimals egg hatching -

You Pick The Species, But The Color is A Surprise

You can buy a Penguala or Draggle species of Hatchimals. The exact color and look of your Hatchimal will remain a surprise until the egg hatches. Hatching takes about 20 to 25 minutes and is a very cool experience.

Once you have a hatched Hatchimal then you take care of your new pet and help it grow from baby to toddler to kid. As your Hatchimal grows you unlock new skills and games for your tiny creature.

It's The Eyes, It's Always All In The Eyes

The Hatchimals have very expressive and cute eyes. The color of the eyes helps you determine what care you need to provide for your creature. In the baby phase, prepare for doing a lot of tipping forward so your Hatchimal can eat. As you move up to toddler and kid you can play a lot more games and converse with your Hatchimals.

Will Hatchimals Be THE Hot Holiday Toy for 2016

As I sit here in October, always hard to predict what toy will be the must have hot holiday toy that is sold out everywhere. I will say, if I was a betting man, I would put some serious money on Hatchimals.

The hatching process is pretty magical and the creatures themselves are cute and playful. I wouldn't wait until Black Friday to try to purchase Hatchimals. My advice, get the Hatchimals now, your kids will love having a toy they can hatch, care for and play with!

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