Hatchimals Toy Reveal, Time To Guess What Is In The Egg?

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Hatchimals are a new toy that come in an egg.
Hatchimals are made by Spin Master.
Hatchimals have won toy awards.

Up until now, that is about all we knew about Hatchimals. The super secret Hatchimals are sure to be a hot toy this Christmas because, after all, who doesn't love a surprise?

While Hatchimals will not be released until October 7th, 2016 - the fine folks at Spin Master sent me a Hatchimals early so I could see what all the buzz was about.

Until October 7th rolls around, here is what I can show you about Hatchimals -

What Do You Think? What Is inside the Hatchimals Egg?

I am hoping you can best the performance of the Zoomer detective squad in the video and take a good guess at what is inside. Go ahead and throw your guess in the comments below.

Myself, I am just hoping they are not tiny self replicating creatures which like to eat human brains. Actually my brain is pretty small, so they would probably skip me and find a bigger meal.

All Will Be Revealed on #HatchimalsDay - 10/7/16

Assuming the Hatchimals do not hatch early and destroy all of humanity, then all will be revealed on #HatchimalsDay 10/7/16. Stay tuned to our channel, we will have a full video on the birth of Hatchimals.

More Information:

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