Don't Like Hillary? Now That Trump's In, Vote For Bernie #TrumpTrain

Are you in one of the states which have not voted yet?

Do you dislike Hillary?

You don't have to vote for Donald Trump anymore. He's locked in.

You can play a role in keeping Hillary from being on the ballot in November. You can vote for Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton

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If you're a Republican or right-leaning independent, you can play a real role in the primary and help Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton.

If you are among the 25 per cent who don't like Trump or Hillary, this is a no-brainer. Do what you need to do for your state so you can vote against Hillary and for Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump already has the nomination locked in. Others will try to persuade you, as a conservative who doesn't like Trump, to vote for Hillary. You have an option to prevent that situation, having to choose between Trump and Clinton, from ever happening.

If you're a Trump supporter, look at the numbers. Hillary is ahead of Trump by double digits in most polls. So is Bernie Sanders. If you're going to gamble on who beats Trump, who would you choose? Choose Bernie Sanders who agrees with Trump on trade deals and getting lobbyists out of politics.

Imagine-- you have an unprecedented opportunity to influence who both of the candidates on the ticket are.

If you are a Bernie supporter, talk to the people you know who are not usually inclined to vote on the Democratic side. Tell them how, if they hate Hillary, as most Republicans and right wingers do, that they can do something to keep her out of the election altogether.

Of course, as I write this, MSNBC announces a guest who will discuss "Why conservatives should vote for Clinton." There is a better alternative. Change the balance. Use your vote to take Hillary Clinton out of the running.

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