10 Cities That Make For Unpopular Destinations

10 Cities That Make For Unpopular Destinations

We've shown you the 10 most disappointing destinations in the world, given you a head's up on the world's most violent cities (aka don't even THINK of vacationing here) and even tipped you off on the 25 most overrated places this planet has to offer. Now, we'd like to take you (not literally, of course) to the worst vacation destinations.

The cheeky brains behind this 20 city and neighborhood list told us that the ratings were "based on a combination of factors – including crime rates, poverty in the area and the general level of cleanliness." While most of the "worst destinations" are no-brainers (who's going to the US "Capital of Crime" anyways?) there are always certain cities and spots to avoid no matter how beautiful the home country!


Correction: The errors in a previous version of this infographic regarding Mexico, Slovakia and New Orleans have been corrected by the creator, HateBreaks.

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#10 Buenos Aires

10 overrated destinations (and where to travel instead)

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