Haunted Miami: Nine Creepy Places The Dead Never Left (PHOTOS)

Just saying "Miami" conjures images of beaches, bronze bodies and the blazing sun, but -- especially around Halloween -- the city also conjures up the unsettled souls that wander our little piece of paradise.

The famous Biltmore Hotel allegedly still keeps company with the ghosts of WWII soldiers who died while the hotel served as a military hospital. Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss is known to continue tinkering with inventions he never finished at his Miami Springs mansion, and a suspicious number of felines have met their death while roaming around Villa Paula in Little Haiti.

And of course, cemeteries can be creepy enough on their own, but throw in years of desecration and you have the angry souls of deceased pioneers buried at the City of Miami Cemetery.

Mind you there, are plenty of other locations that claim to have hauntings (countless schools and the Krome Insane Asylum that was never actually an insane asylum), but here are the nine spookiest haunts, with the most stories from those who lived to tell the tale.

Have you encountered a haunting in Miami?

Haunted Miami