Haunted Miami: Nine Creepy Places The Dead Never Left (PHOTOS)

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Just saying "Miami" conjures images of beaches, bronze bodies and the blazing sun, but -- especially around Halloween -- the city also conjures up the unsettled souls that wander our little piece of paradise.

The famous Biltmore Hotel allegedly still keeps company with the ghosts of WWII soldiers who died while the hotel served as a military hospital. Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss is known to continue tinkering with inventions he never finished at his Miami Springs mansion, and a suspicious number of felines have met their death while roaming around Villa Paula in Little Haiti.

And of course, cemeteries can be creepy enough on their own, but throw in years of desecration and you have the angry souls of deceased pioneers buried at the City of Miami Cemetery.

Mind you there, are plenty of other locations that claim to have hauntings (countless schools and the Krome Insane Asylum that was never actually an insane asylum), but here are the nine spookiest haunts, with the most stories from those who lived to tell the tale.

Have you encountered a haunting in Miami?

Deering Estate
Facebook/ League of Paranormal Investigators
The mansion was allegedly built in 1915 on tribal burial grounds, and four workers were killed in a dynamite blast during construction. Experts from the League of Paranormal Investigators say the location is a hot bed of ghostly activity.

During one trip to the estate, a psychic says she heard a woman begging for help for a drowning boy and then observed the presence of spirits in various cottages and buildings on the estate.

Check out creepy recordings and photos taken by league at the estate!
City of Miami Cemetery
Lou Galindo
Founded in 1897, it is the oldest cemetery in the city -- not to be confused with the oldest in the county, Pinewood. The property is the final resting place for many of Miami's pioneers, including city founder Julia Tuttle. The cemetery is split into three sections: white, black and Jewish. One strange plot is a woman whose body was moulded into a block of concrete, with the phrase, "After the body has gone to dust, her sleeping form will remain."

Needless to say, the aged cemetery has experienced its share of strange desecrations, including the remains of seemingly sacrificed animals. Perhaps reaching out to spirits?
Biltmore Hotel
Facebook/ Biltmore Hotel
The Biltmore Hotel was built in 1926 and served as a hot spot for Coral Gables visitors. During WWII, it was converted into a military hospital. It returned to its original glory after a full restoration in 1983.

Because of all the soldiers who died in the hospital, it's said their spirits haunt the place. The former official storyteller of the hotel said curious high school students after the war reported seeing apparitions in military uniforms. People have also claimed to see people waving from the hotel, and then disappearing.

Also, the ghost of gangster Thomas "Fatty" Walsh, who was murdered at the Biltmore, is said to continue smoking his cigars.
Villa Paula Mansion
HuffPost Miami
Tucked away in Little Haiti, the 10-bedroom manse was built for the Cuban consulate general and his wife, Paula. She died after complications from a leg amputation, and the home exchanged multiple hands since then.

Former owners and area residents say that cats have been killed when mysteriously slammed shut in the front iron gate, and there have been reports of smelling fresh roses and Cuban coffee in the home. During a seance was performed in the 1970s, a spirit allegedly told the group that she likes to put vases of roses out.
Pinewood Cemetery
Google Maps
Also known as Cocoplum Cemetery, the lot is home to many of Miami's pioneers but is now a forgotten piece of history. While hundreds have been laid to rest, only two dozen gravestones can be found, and nature has grown over the lot.

Residents of the neighborhood have reported seeing midnight burials, hearing strange noises, and an all-around "odd feeling" when near the cemetery. One woman brought a tape recorder with her while visiting the property to clean a few plots, and claims that on playback she captured a voice saying, "Thank you."
Curtiss Mansion
Facebook/Curtiss Mansion
Glenn H. Curtiss was only able to live in his pueblo-style Miami Springs home for a short time, as he died five years after it was completed in 1925. Considered the "Architect of Aviation," he left hundreds of unfinished and unpatented ideas behind. After his death, his wife reported hearing the sounds of Curtiss working on his newest project. People have also said they can hear him talking with pilots.

Multiple sites online claim that Curtiss was killed in the home when his wife, who admitted to having an abortion, burned the place down. That's not true -- the home did, however, suffer three arsons.
Colony Theatre
Built in 1935, Miami Beach's historical movie theater allegedly has remnants of the past beyond the architecture. Some people have said they see a little white poodle running around the theater, or a woman in '30s garb wandering the place.
Coconut Grove Cemetery
Google Maps
Now known as Charlotte Jane Memorial Park, the cemetery was originally the final resting place for many of Miami's early Bahamian residents. Though neighbors have long claimed the graveyard scenes from Michael Jackson's epic "Thriller" video were filmed here, director John Landis says the bits were shot in east LA -- so what did Miamians witness that night in the 80s?

Even after the King of Pop's death, some people were certain they saw his ghost in the graveyard, and a few people attempted to reach him through seances and mediums. Those are some serious fans!
Miami River Inn
Facebook/ Miami River Inn
This bed and breakfast has been in business since 1910, and rumor has it that some guests liked their stay so much they've called it home in the afterlife.

At 11 p.m. every night, patrons on the first floor allegedly hear the front door open and close loudly, hear someone wipe their shoes on the welcome mat, running, and a shaking door knob. Others also say they hear what appears to be a ghostly tantrum of someone throwing items around the halls, but nothing is found outside.

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