Gay Man Surprises His Boyfriend With Incredible Musical Marriage Proposal In Havana

Craig Young didn't realize he was in for the surprise of his life when he accompanied his longtime boyfriend, Michael Di Girolamo, to Cuba earlier this month.

Little did the 41-year-old actor know that Di Girolamo, 45, had a few tricks up his sleeve -- namely, an elaborate musical proposal incorporating the hits of Bruno Mars, Kylie Minogue and Madonna that you just need to see to believe.

Set at a Havana restaurant with a spectacular outdoor patio, the proposal caught Young totally off-guard. Di Girolamo, an advertising executive, even used a pal's birthday as a way to throw his boyfriend off from the fact that he was planning to pop the question. Finding supplies such as flash cards, a portable stereo and other equipment was a bit more of a challenge and required a bit of pre-packing before the couple's departure.

"With the U.S. Supreme Court making their decision on gay marriage any day now, it was a no-brainer to pull the surprise proposal together as quickly as possible during our trip to Cuba," Di Girolamo, a Brooklyn, New York native, told The Huffington Post in an email. "It was the perfect background to express my love for Craig and my commitment to him in a country that is just now beginning to recognize LGBT issues through the efforts of Mariela Castro, Raul's daughter."

The proposal left Young, who hails from London, feeling "so loved, emotionally vulnerable and a little embarrassed all at the same time."

"I definitely needed a shot of rum once it was over," he quipped. "It truly is the nicest thing and most romantic thing he's ever done for me and I'll remember it for my whole life."

The couple, who are based in Los Angeles, will marry on Sept. 18, 2016, their 10th anniversary.

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