Have a Happy Halloween in Just 5 Steps!


Who doesn't love Halloween? The candy, the costumes, the spooky movies, what a holiday! If you and your friends want to enjoy a fun and memorable Halloween this year, just follow these five easy steps!

1. Make your own costume!

Make your own costume! Make a mask! Make sure it covers your face! If you can, wear gloves and shoes a size too big, this way no one knows your fingerprints or your exact shoe size! What fun!

2. Choose the right house!

Do you want treats? You just need to know where to go! Don't waste time on houses with cheap candy. Go to the Gilcrest house! Mr. and Mrs. Gilcrest are retired. Go there!

3. Sneak in!

Use the cellar door, it's always open! Be sure to wear your mask. Douglas, grab Mr. Gilcrest! Just tell them no one has to get hurt. John! John, I need you to keep an eye on Mrs. Gilcrest. Ask her where the safe is. I know they have a safe!

4. Run!

John! Where's Mrs. Gilcrest? Oh no, she called the cops! Douglas, forget about the safe, we have to go!

5. Mexico!

We'll lay low for a while. I know a small village, Punta Bete, we can lay low there until the next Halloween!