Have a Spooky Well-Marketed Halloween!

Closeup of candies with pumpkins
Closeup of candies with pumpkins

Tis the season of eating and drinking pumpkin spice! Halloween has come and gone once again, and with it all of its seasonal accouterment. Everyone is in a rush to buy a Halloween costume, make sure they have enough candy, finding a party to go to, or even just organizing an event with friends. In past years, my dad and I have made costumes since store-bought sometimes felt crappy and expensive. While the costumes aren't too complicated, they definitely have a great impact since they're more unique and unexpected. My personal favorite was a Slenderman costume where we made me nearly 6' 5" with the assistance of homemade stilts (don't ever make homemade stilts out of cardboard by the way).
Picture of costume

I recently went to a Halloween store to try to find bits of a potential costume for this year which involves a stereotypical ghost costume, the type where it's just a bedsheet with two eye-holes, and was shocked to find none. I was accosted by countless $50 Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and any other superhero costumes. When I asked a store employee for help, he looked at me confused and led me around randomly seeing if they had any ghost costumes. After being suggested a random morphsuit and Batman costume, I decided I was better off looking online. This is where I ran into a whole new slew of problems.

Online, I could find plenty of ghost costumes, but they were all detailed and serious costumes. All I was looking for was a simple white sheet with two eye-holes, and instead all I could find were ugly weird looking white costumes with sleeves and pants which were all way over the top from what I was looking for. I eventually found what I was looking for, but it only took combing through 6 pages of expensive bad costumes.
Picture of what I was looking for (and found) vs. what I really found

As with all other holidays, I began to realize how Halloween has become more monetized and an opportunity for companies to market characters and sell product. I see far more known characters from cartoons, tv, and movies than I do of every zombie, mummy, and ghoul variation. Am I saying that people can only be scary things for Halloween? Absolutely not! Be whatever you want! But in general there is more advertising and focus on Halloween stores to sell more expensive known characters. I accept that things change and certain holidays take on new forms based on modern society, but the constant advertising and money grabbing has reached a new all-time high. Every holiday has a significant focus on buying things, and at a certain point it feels like half the holiday is just buying the stuff beforehand and then getting rid of it after the event has passed.

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