Have We Become An Angry Dating Culture?

I’m seeing a really disturbing trend out there.

I want you to take this time right now to read every single word that I'm writing.

I don't want you to glance through this article, because if you're single, this is by far the most important thing you've ever read in your life.

I'm going to start off with this:

How frustrated are you now in your dating life?

If you can write that down right now, write the one word that describes how you feel in your dating life right now.

Over the last couple of years, I've noticed a really disturbing trend when it comes down to dating.

The word that we used to have a long time ago, before the flood of Internet dating sites and dating apps and social media validation.

And all these ridiculous ways to get lost in cyber world.

The word that people used to use in dating was a magical word, it was called hope.

People got excited about finding a new mate.

People got excited about finding a new partner.

People went out and actually talked to one another.

If you're a woman reading this article right now, I want you to think, when was the last time a man came over and approached you and flirted with you?

If you're a man reading this, I want you to think, when was the last time you actually walked over and actually took a dare and flirted with a woman?

I want you to also ask yourself this question: when you're out in public, how often do you look at your cell phone?

Everybody is angry right now because everybody is escaping.

We've become a dating culture - especially in the western world - of people who are swiping and hoping that they'll stumble across the right photo, the right picture, the perfect person.

Dating has become a paradoxic choice. It's almost like shopping on for stereo equipment.

You take a look, you read the reviews and you see if - after reading reviews from random strangers - this is the perfect thing for you. And don't even get me started on how dating is only a review away. Pretty soon there's going to be a review site, a major one, a major breakthrough where people will post about their exes, and then you're going to find out the truth about everybody and the next thing you know, it's going to feed this dating anger even more.

Let's even get more honest with today. When was the last time you went out on a date with somebody and didn't Google them ahead of time so you can have a preconceived story about what you think they are due to somebody else's opinion of them on Google?

Or maybe an article they wrote because well, in today's neurotic world, we can go deeper and deeper into the void.

It used to be this magical moment: boy meets girl.

Boy asks girl out, actually calls her on a thing called the telephone, not a texting device. Your iPhone is a phone, people, not an iText.

There would be this anticipation. There would be nerves.

At the end of the date, you'd wonder if you liked each other, you'd do a post-date re-cap with your friends and you'd give that person another chance.

Now, there's no post-date re-cap anymore. It's either a yes or a no immediately. You don't think about it because when you do. You go back into the illusional, delusional world of swipe dating.

Because we always know there's going to be something better, because that's the way we've been programmed.

And this is why people are so frustrated. People are frustrated and angry. Women are angrier than ever before.

I know this factually. I've been coaching women for a long time and as the years go by, women get more and more angry.

They feel like they are running out of time.

I'm in my 30's, when am I going to have my children, when am I going to meet that guy?

I'm in my 40's, I haven't met him yet. When am I going to find the man that I'm supposed to marry and live happily ever after.

I'm in my 50's and I'm running out of time. I'm not going to be pretty for a long time and all men want is younger women.

It just goes on and on and on. Women have this accelerator down they feel like they have no time left in the world, that they are just aging at 100 miles per hour and they get angry and pissed off that nobody is seeing their beauty, so they are forced to date the men they don't want to date.

People are angry out there.

If you ask people how they feel about dating, most people will say they hate it.

To me, I’d ask why do you hate dating? It's an opportunity to meet someone you've never met before. It’s so amazing because it gives you an opportunity to have the relationship you've never had.

If you're not open, how do you expect to even meet somebody? And yet, we do all of these ridiculous things, pretending we're open.

Swiping. Social media posting. We have this illusion of a social life. No wonder people hate dating, because we're not getting anywhere!

We're like bald snow tires in a snow storm. We just spin and spin and spin and get nowhere, and then when we finally do find somebody...

We try to hit the accelerator button down and try to get to a relationship as quickly as possible so we can avoid the thing that we truly hate: dating.

Folks, you’ve got to lose the anger to find love. Period. End of story. End of rant.