Have We Become the United States of Sexual Harassment?

Welcome to the United States of Molestation, 2017.

Every single day, there is another man and another allegation of sexual abuse, of things that happened years ago and another woman coming fully forward exposing them.

Marshall Faulk the other day. Rumors of Donovan McNabb.

A local L.A. newscaster.

Whispers about other people non-stop. The list just goes on and on. Every single day there is another person who's being outed for lewd behavior.

First off, congratulations for all of you that have come out.

And exposed things that should have been exposed years ago. It takes a lot of guts to come forward and accuse somebody.

But here's where I have major issues around it...

Why are doing this in the public eye?

Why are we exposing people in public? What exactly is that doing?

Now granted, there's some benefit to this that I think all of us need to be very aware of.

I'm all for women speaking up if men make sexual advances that women do not want. If a man molests a woman in certain type of way, I truly believe a woman should not be ashamed, and a woman should be empowered to come forward.

That’s what the #Metoo campaign was all about a couple of months ago.

I'm all for that, because people in positions of power need to stop taking advantage of their power and sexually taking advantage of somebody else.

But a lot of these cases that have come forward?

The stories are kind of gray, a little cloudy.

He brushed up against me.

He used to pinch my ass when he walked by.

He did it multiple times, many times.

The fact is: you're two consenting adults.

If a man pinches your ass, then it's up to you to tell him to stop.

If he doesn't stop, then it's up to you to literally threaten him with what can happen.

I have found over the years, when there are these sexual stories that come out, a lot of the times it was consensual sex between two parties. Except one person started feeling bad, because maybe the promises that were made never came true.

Maybe the man promised the woman he would leave his wife.

Maybe the man promised the woman a job, i.e. the Hollywood casting couch, which has been going on for over 100 years now. From the minute Hollywood started, there has always been a casting couch. Somebody in a position of power would be able to give an actress or an actor a role if there was some sexual act being done.

I've got no problem backing women that have been taken advantage of.

I think it's for Bill Cosby to drug and have sex with all those women. That, to me, is disgusting and disgraceful.

But a lot of the times, this is consensual flirting, consensual acts of sex, that basically, after years of thinking about it, kind of feels like an act of revenge.

There are 2 sides to every single story, and if it's lewd and disgusting and disrobing in front of somebody and masturbating, and the person runs out of the room, then I can see why the man should be reported.

But if a man is consistently touching a woman and a woman is responding to it and not pushing him back at all, the man is under the impression that it's okay behavior.

Look, I've said if so many times: men in position of power have had women throwing themselves at them for years, hundreds and hundreds of years throughout history. So, after a while, men have a sense of entitlement and they think that they can do it with any woman they want.

They've been conditioned that way, and a lot of men take advantage of it. And a lot of men, tend to move past the limit of consensual sex.

Those are the guys that should be hung to dry, should be exposed, should lose their jobs.

But more importantly, is losing their job enough?

What about the therapy that a woman needs that went through this? I'd prefer the man and the woman to keep this, between them.

What if it was an isolated incident? What if it happened only with her?

Most of the time, it's not isolated incidents because these men have been conditioned to go and do this.

But the big thing here is for the woman to be able to get the therapy that she needs so she can heal and she can trust and be whole again, and that's where the man should be paying for it.

Every day, another story pops, another person gets exposed for exposing themselves.

How do you feel about it?

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