Have What You Want and Live the Life of Your Dreams

Everyone has big dreams, yet no one has forever and a day to realize them. If you are looking forward to achieving a goal, checking off your bucket list, or living your dream life, the following tips will help you eliminate all that keeps you from moving forward in getting what you want.

Quit Complaining

You won't get anything done if you spend your time agonizing over why you can't do it. The only thing that is keeping you from getting or doing what you want is your lack of trust that you might actually be successful in achieving your goal.

You must quit playing the victim by stopping all negative self-talk. Blaming the world for your failures, complaining about problems, and having a poor attitude are serious glitches that will continue to keep you from realizing your dreams. It is crucial to your success that you take responsibility for your actions, believe in yourself, and have a positive attitude. Once you've turned over this new leaf, you will soon start making progress toward experiencing the life you crave.

Mind Your Own Business

Time spent feeling jealous about your neighbor who just completed a yearlong bicycle tour around the world, or angry because your co-worker just quit her job to pursue her dream career in acting is only going to squelch your motivation to cut your own adventurous life-path.

It is important that you learn to focus on your own goals. Make a list, check it twice, remind yourself why you want what you want, and set out to get it without comparing yourself with others.

When your main priority is to focus solely on your own to-do list, without judging yourself against what others around you have achieved, you will have more energy to make a plan that gets you moving in the direction of your desires.

Stop Making Excuses

What if you wanted nothing more than to drive down the coast of California in a convertible, but you never do it because you are convinced that you can't leave your cat, your bird, or your goldfish for someone else to take care of while you are out of town? It sounds absurd, but many people will look for an excuse to get out of doing something they truly want to do because it is easier to play it safe instead of busting out of the comfort zone.

However, it is extremely important to be clear about what you want. If driving down the coast of California seems more fun to dream about in your head, be honest with yourself. If taking a trip to Paris is something you absolutely must do before you die, understand that no excuse has the power to get in the way of your plan to go to Paris.

Realize how your excuses keep you idle, while the days continue to pass at a seemingly faster rate year after year. Every time you make an excuse for not having or doing what you want, you lose the opportunity to actually get it, or do it. Every opportunity lost is time wasted, so drop your excuses and get on with your life.

Make a F*ck it List

Everyone has a bucket list, but if you really want to check off your bucket list, you need to first make a f*ck it list. Make a decision about what is important to you and put it on your bucket list. Next, make a decision about what you can live without, and put it on your f*ck it list.

Whatever you wish to have or do, in order to be successful at having or doing it, you absolutely have to start crossing time-wasting activities off your f*ck it list. Otherwise, those activities will only serve to get in the way.

By doing this, you will realign your intention to be ambitious and clear the clutter that sits in the way of making your dreams come true.