Having A Bad Day? 10 Things To Rediscover That'll Take Your Mind Off It (PHOTOS)

We all have those days. The day is absolutely awful. Today sucks. Nothing is going your way. Maybe something objectionably catastrophic has happened, or your brand-new shoes are ruined, thanks to a very deceptive weather forecast.

The severity and validity of your feeling the blues is not really what counts. What counts is your ability to keep your emotions in check, to cheer yourself up and to know that tomorrow is another day.

The good news: We've all got something that lifts our spirits. Ironically, it's when we need our bad-day-remedies most that we forget what they are.

So consider this list your starting point for cheering up. Come back whenever you need to take your mind off of things.

This Picturesque Scene For When You Can't Get Outside

This Entire List Of 'Rage GIFS'
(For When You Want To Flip Your Desk But Will Have To Settle For This Vicarious Version)

This GIF Of A Llama Who Will Take Sass From NO ONE

Credit: Tumblr

This Serene Beach For A Quick, Mental Getaway

The Saddest Song That You Always Listen To When You’re Sad
(Don't have a list of your own? Here's one to help start the waterworks.)

But When You’re Done With That, The Songs That Remind You That Life Is Inherently Good

David Foster Wallace's Perspective-Shifting 2005 Commencement Speech That Has Since Been Animated

This Sleeping Dog Who Knows How To Take Napping To Next-Level Hideous

This Truth That Should Make You Not Care If Napping Looks Ugly
(You really should go take a nap.)

This Pocket Cat Who Agrees With The Above
cat nap
Credit: terriblycute

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