Having Legalized Discrimination, NC Fails to Prohibit Love

To my LGBTQQIAAP friends, new, old, and not yet met; and to all my other fellow humans who suffer for their "minority" religious (or irreligious), racial-ethnic, socioeconomic, political, or other statuses/views:

We are the majority.

We are the fellow humans who see each other for who and what we are. We love, nurture, build, hope, dream. We act. We far surpass the unloving, in diversity, in capacity for joy, and yes, I contend, even in number--in all ways, it seems at a time like this, except in power.

Even when unfounded, the fear and Othering enacted by a few privileged, insulated, yet insecure souls can indeed strip our communities of their commonly agreed-upon protections for the most vulnerable among us. This certainly is a sad day for North Carolina. But what they cannot take is our community, as broadly or narrowly construed as you like. The infliction of all manner of harm on minorities is on the brink of legalization [edit: it has now been signed into law], at least (please let it be only) temporarily; but it is not--cannot be--required of us that we stop loving ourselves, each other, and even those who have wished this on their fellow humans and seen that wish through to fruition.

We still have each other, and no one can take us from each other. Carry on! Fight! Act! Create! Yearn! Love! Remember that you, too, are loved! Most of all: Educate! Let's continue to forge the better world we imagine, and to invite everyone we meet to join in that process.

All of you--every last individual--are WELCOME in my life, my home, my family, my workplace...everywhere. (Selah.) And I truly cherish the reciprocal welcome that you extend to me daily. Our community has encountered a grave threat--no, an attack; but it is still OURS. I love you all, and even when the road seems impassable, I am so grateful to walk it with you awhile.