The 60 Worst Things About Having A Roommate

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Can't wait to live by your awesome, lonesome self? We can totally relate -- on 60 different levels.

1. When you're not comfortable enough to fart in front of them, so you have to hold it all in.

2. When you accidentally let one rip and feel hella embarrassed about it.

3. When you have to remind them to pay the freaking bills.

4. When you have to deal with their ridiculously annoying parental visits.

5. And their batshit crazy relatives in general.

6. When you have to share all your food.

7. And snacks.

8. And your alcohol.

9. When every time you cook, your roommate acts like you're their personal chef.

10. When your roommate is clingy af.

11. When you get sexiled.

12. When you can hear your roommate hooking up with someone in the other room and you just want it to end.

13. When you're woken up early because your loud, inconsiderate roommate has to be at work at the crack of dawn.

14. When you both have to get ready at the same time but only have one bathroom.

15. When there's a horrifying amount of hair in the shower drain and it ain't yours.

16. When your leftovers keep disappearing from the fridge and you develop serious trust issues.

17. When you get asked for your Netflix password, as if that's public information.

18. When you have to compromise on what to binge watch.

19. When your roommate constantly asks to borrow your clothes.

20. When you catch your roommate wearing your clothes that they never asked to borrow.

21. When you always get stuck taking out the trash.

22. When you're the only one who cares to refill the water filter.

23. When your roommate has ZERO COUCH ETIQUETTE and sprawls out on the only comfortable seating arrangement you have.

24. When your roommate finishes the last toilet paper roll.

25. When your roommate clogs the toilet.

26. When you have to unclog the toilet because they don't know wtf they're doing.

27. When your roommate makes a mess every time they eat. Or drink. Or breathe.

28. When your roommate leaves a giant pile of dishes in the sink and does nothing about it.

29. When you give in and end up doing their dishes because you can't stand the filth anymore.

30. When your roommate is in a committed relationship and you're forever the third wheel.

31. And forever alone.

32. When your roommate assumes you're always down for small talk because you live together.

33. When your roommate has a billion friends over and your personal space is taken over by strangers.

34. When your roommate has friends over and they show up before your roommate is home.

35. When your roommate's friends help themselves to all your food and booze like this is their place.

36. When you want to go to bed early, but your roommate decides that people over = party.

37. When your roommate doesn't even have the common courtesy to ask before inviting people over.

38. When your roommate gets wasted and you have to deal with their drunk ass.

39. When all you want to do is loudly sing Beyoncé in the shower but your roommate is home.

40. When your roommate sleeps in super late on the weekends so you have to quietly tiptoe around all day long so as not to wake them.

41. When your roommate has the tackiest taste in décor and you somehow have to tolerate it.

42. When you have to help your frail roommate lug all their stupid furniture up the stairs when they move in or out.

43. When you have to compromise or share in general.

44. When your roommate cooks the stinkiest food and just leaves it out for your nostrils to suffer.

45. When your roommate decides to get a pet without asking you first.

46. When your roommate's pet shits all over your apartment.

47. When you're the only person who ever bothers to vacuum, dust, mop or wipe anything.

48. When you literally have no privacy. Like, ever.

49. When you can't just walk around naked because ROOMMATE.

50. When you don't even feel comfortable going no. 2 in your own bathroom because ROOMMATE. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

51. When your roommate has the absolute worst taste in music.

52. When you bring a date back to your place but your roommate is being a cockblock.

53. When nonsense like this happens:

54. When your roommate turns on the lights even though you're sleeping.

55. When your roommate has the worst B.O. you've ever smelled.

56. When your roommate's significant other basically takes over your place every time they're there.

57. When your roommate gets you sick every time they're sick.

58. When you and your roommate can never agree on what temperature to set the thermostat to.

59. When your roommate basically embodies every pet peeve you've ever known.

60. When the only way to keep sane while living with a roommate is this:

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