Having That Burning Passion


What is passion? Passion is drive. Passion is ambition. It presents itself as the courage to continue on, despite what an outcome may be. Passion takes guts and the ability to challenge what others may think of you. It is being the pilot of your own fate. Some people become so passionate about something that it consumes them and forms a second life of its own. Others take their passion and get results. It goes beyond the cliché of practice makes perfect, but doesn't settle for less than, not perfection itself, but an obtainable goal to be the best that one can possibly be. It creates stairways, windows and opens doors. It doesn't wait for any opportunities, but forges onward to create opportune openings itself.

Being passionate can take on many different forms. People can be passionate about their business, their career, their talents, hopes and dreams. Another may be a passionate lover or a passionate, close friend. However you see it, the word passion can define us in many enigmatic ways, yet without really having to try too hard to do so. To have passion, is to work non-stop towards the thing or person that you love. But the word passion itself, is just another word in the long list of things we pursue in life. We pursue health, happiness, freedom, security and we also pursue a passion in life. It gives our life meaning and a reason to flourish. It is not obligatory or mandatory to have a passion, yet, without one life can seem less worthwhile. It makes us do better today than we did yesterday. It wakes up our spirit and gives us a vision within ourselves. It gives us the audacity to say, I will be greater at this very moment than I was before, because I have a passion burning inside me. You can live for your own passion, someone else's, or through your loved ones and those closest to you. But, in the scheme of things, the passion has to burn for you and, like an unyielding flame, it has to keep burning brightly and luminously.

Just as a flame can easily be put out or spread like wild fire, so too may your passion fade or become as bright as the sun. It is something that one can grasp with the most utmost strength and go after without yielding, or drop as quickly as someone holding hot coals. It only spreads when it is brightly lit, in the hearts, eyes and souls of the human spirit.

It can rise to the top effervescently as bubbles dance to the top in a glowing bottle of sparkling water, or it can fizzle and go flat. Only you can make your passion come to life. It will add a new dimension to whatever it is you are going after. Without passion, there is no drive. And without drive, you become stagnant.

Whether you have a short term passion or a long term passion depends on you and the time it takes to reach the task at hand. The long term and short term passions can undoubtedly go hand-in-hand. For instance, you may be passionate about being healthier and losing excess weight. "I want to lose 15 pounds" may be a longer term goal that starts with "I am passionate about exercising more." That short term passion can turn into a brisk 10-15 minute walk in the evening every day. It is not a mind blowing time frame, but it is something you are passionate about, which over time will give results. Sometimes, people think that a passion has to be instant or grand. It's something you can see right away.That is almost never the case. With perseverance and persistence, you can turn your passion into your reality.

A passion takes a vision, and being able to see beyond what the organic eye may realize. It takes the ability to go forth and test both your innate strengths and weaknesses. It becomes a part of who you are and ultimately defines where you steer your life. Passion can be something physical, but it ultimately starts within the mind. Envision something you are passionate about, and there is no stopping you!