17 Signs You're A Hawaii Basic

Of all the different types of basic b's in the country, the Aloha State's basics are, hands down, the best.

They don't brunch, they beach. They sip on coconut water instead of PSLs and, while you'll rarely catch them wearing Uggs, they'll rock the cheeks off a Brazilian bikini.

Their FOMO-inducing Snapchats and Latergrams will have you wondering if their life is as perfect as they make it seem. And chances are, it is.

Below, 17 signs you're lucky enough to be a Hawaii basic.

1. You can't end a hike or beach day without an obligatory yoga photo.

hawaii yoga

2. You never leave the house without a sunrise shell.

3. When the sun's out, your buns are out.

4. And your bikini selfies are extra, extra cheeky

5. When not in bathing suits, you and your friends recognize a standard uniform, consisting of crop tops, short shorts and neon colors.

6. Actually, you and your friends swear you're real-life mermaids.
"I must be a mermaid... I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living."

7. You either have a pair of these, or they're on the top of your wish list.
Extra basic point if you own a full-length mermaid tail.


8. Most of your meals come in bowls -- acai bowl, poke bowl, pitaya bowl, smoothie bowl, Zippy's chili bowl, etc.

9. The following quote makes you feel all the feels:

10. The Fourth of July Floatilla in Waikiki is one of the most important events of your year.
Legit, more important than Christmas.

11. You buy coconut oil in bulk.
Thank your lucky shells for Costco.


12. You wear these everyday:
And when you break 'em for the 18th time, you buy the $5 Locals at Longs Drugs.


13. No matter how well you did your hair that morning, it always ends up in a #titabun.

14. You used to only wear haku lei during graduation ceremonies, but now a beach day photo op merits slipping one on.

15. You've mastered the almighty hair flip.

16. You relish finding the perfect quote to go with your GoPro selfie, because your life's so chill and people need to know.
"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."


17. Most of all, you feel #blessed to be a Hawaii basic.
Jealous much?

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