'Hawaii Five-0' Premiere: McGarrett Confronts His Mother While Malia And Kono Face Certain Death (VIDEO)

With Wo Fat in custody, Steve may have thought his arch-nemesis was out of his hair for good, but this proved to be wishful thinking on the "Hawaii Five-0" season premiere. While Wo Fat may have had a contingency plan in place, it was Frank Delano who pulled off an intricate escape that would have impressed James Bond.

Using a helicopter and a giant claw, Delano's men simply plucked the transport vehicle from the highway and flew off, before dumping it into the ocean. From there, another team was on-hand to burn through the door, dispatch the guards and bring Wo Fat to the surface, and a weighting ship. There, he learned that Delano had information to trade.

After that masterful plan, though, Delano fell short with his devious plot to remove a transport full of drugs from the police station. Instead, he became target practice for Chin Ho, who exacted his vengeance for the death of Malia -- though it did nothing to make him feel better. That Delano was unarmed by this point could be a significant plot point as the season progresses.

Gunfire was key as well in the climactic scene between Wo Fat and Steve's mother, in her safe house. She'd come back into Steve's life, after being on the run and in hiding to protect her family. But could she have been working with Wo Fat all this time? After her plane flew off, it would appear so, as the only gun fired was the one she had, and all the shots went into the floor.

The new season of "Hawaii Five-0" continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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